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Pastor Joseph Elwell

In 1972 Dr. Elwell became a student at Hyles-Anderson College.  This was the first year of the college.  Dr. Elwell accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour on September 9, 1972.  Dr. Jack Hyles and the some of the teachers at Hyles-Anderson College, as well as some of the greatest Christians in all the world from the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, influenced Dr. Elwell to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. Elwell graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1986.  Dr. Elwell was called to be the senior pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia, in June of 1986.  Dr. Elwell was the pastor of this church for 14 years.  One of the areas of this ministry that grew under the leadership of Dr. Elwell was the Faith Promise Missions Program.  The missions giving grew from $3,800.00 to over $70,000.00 and from supporting 8 missionaries to supporting over 80 missionaries.  The church also helped plant 17 other churches here in America while Dr. Elwell was the pastor.

Dr. Elwell received a doctor of divinity degree in 1995 from the Uniontown Baptist Schools in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and a doctor of divinity in 2001 from the Evangelistic Schools of Leadership in West Union, West Virginia. Dr. Elwell became a missionary to America in 2001.  His ministry includes starting churches here in America.  Dr. Elwell has been used of God to help start 48 churches in our country.  Dr. Elwell has preached over 500 Faith Promise Missions Conferences, raising millions of dollars for missions every year. Dr. Elwell served for four years as the North America and Caribbean Field Director for FBMI and is still with this mission agency.  Dr. Elwell has authored two books, A Measure of Faith and A Measure of Grace.  Dr. Elwell travels throughout North America helping churches with their Missions Programs, as well as counseling pastors and Christians in the area of Biblical finances.  

Dr. Elwell is married to Crystal.  Dr. Elwell's first wife Betty died of cancer in 2004.  Crystal's first husband Jake May went to Heaven in 2000.  God brought them together in 2006, and they continue to serve the Lord together.  They have 6 grown children between them.  They also thoroughly enjoy their 20 Grandchildren.

Dr. Elwell was born in the small Nevada town of Winnemucca.  He had the privilege of growing up in a Bible-believing Baptist church that his mother had helped start in 1955.  In 1959 the church  called Lavern Inzer as its pastor.  Brother Inzer had a pioneering spirit and led the church in starting other Baptist churches in communities around the state of Nevada.  Dr. Elwell grew up seeing churches started through the work of this great pastor. Dr. Elwell graduated from Albert M. Lowry High School in June of 1971.